Everything You Need To Start Automating Processes

How repetitive are your operations? Our Marketing Automation services will enable you to grow faster by leveraging powerful automations to:

  • Generate more revenue rapidly by unlocking new growth opportunities.
  • Save time on qualifying and nurturing leads, in your CRM.
  • Focus on game-changer projects, no more repetitive tasks.

Partners & Certifications:

Partners & Certifications

Partners & Certifications:

About the service

From increasing sales, revenue and productivity, we believe companies should implement best-in-class marketing automation processes. 

Thanks to our on-demand growth team's expertise, discover how we can support you in meeting your business goals with marketing automation.

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A winning process

Discover the three key pillars of how we will meet your goals together.

Ideation Phase

We will first familiarise ourselves with your current processes by identifying your customers' profiles and your funnel's key metrics and events to create a bespoke gameplay.

Deployment Phase

We will launch automated processes with more tailored communications for each step of your customer's journey from both a technical and creative standpoint. We are accredited partners with most software providers.

Scaling Phase

Our team is equipped with channel experts who can support you both from technical and content perspectives to deliver a highly personalised yet still automated experience.

“We sometimes forget that we’re not Launch Mappers’ only clients.”
Ben Harris
Head of Commercials

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