Meet your on-demand growth team

Launch Mappers is first and foremost a team of growth marketers who share common values. One of the most important ones is to put our client's success at the forefront of our operations. We want marketing and growth to be a sustainable source of profits for them.

Our team’s structure

Launch Mappers is divided in two teams. The first one is made of generalists who act as Growth Strategists. They're hands-on marketers who work on long-term strategies while also being hands-on to deliver on them.

On top of their expertise, they manage the modular team that needs to be assembled to deliver on a given strategy.
The second one is a team made of channel specialists who are very much needed to make any plan work. They can be full-time employees or freelancers, the distinction doesn't matter to us at Launch Mappers. 

Our values

We’re a team that grows together
and celebrate three key values:


We embrace everyone's productivity style. Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, we trust that everyone understands priorities.


We all share the desire to learn with a range of training available to pursue at one's own pace. We can't help businesses grow if we don't continue to grow.

Remote work 

Our team may be located around Europe, from London to Paris, Berlin, and more. Yet, we remain as connected, efficient and unified as an in-person team.